Our values


Openness – we want to understand and meet the needs of our clients and partners, which is why we strive to ensure open communication and to respect the opinions of both parties. We are growing our organisation together, and care a great deal about our working environment. We strive to put as many decisions as possible to a democratic vote.

Honesty – our actions are guided by honesty and professional ethics. We follow clear principles and established rules. We respect mutual values when working on achieving our goals and those of our partners.

Professionalism – we deliver on our promises, keep established deadlines and respond to every question. We focus on personal and organisational development by constantly improving our skills. In our work, we focus on tested, effective methods and work in accordance with our standards, but, if necessary, we are able to find unorthodox solutions to problems.

Simplicity – We build relationships with our clients and partners in an honest and direct manner. Our actions utilise simple solutions which we can flexibly adapt to the needs of our clients.